Another Major Climate Breakthrough: China Will Cap its Coal Consumption by 2020

By Barbara Finamore

Barabara Finamore takes a detailed look at the pledges and plans China is putting forth to cutback the nation’s contributions to climate change.From this detailed assessment comes optimism that China will be successful in its campaign to rein in carbon emission:
“We believe that China’s unprecedented climate andcoal cap pledges transmit very powerful signals that will drive domestic action and set thestage for even more ambitious targets going forward. As we’ve seen most recently in the area of wind and solar power development, China has a long history of setting targets that it feels confident it can meet, only to revise them upward repeatedly as its efforts prove successful.”
This post was originally published on the National Resource Defense Council Staff Blog, Switchboard, on November 21, 2014. You can read the entire article here.

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