Monthly Archives: April 2015

Another Major Climate Breakthrough: China Will Cap its Coal Consumption by 2020

12333333By Barbara Finamore

Barabara Finamore takes a detailed look at the pledges and plans China is putting forth to cut back the nation’s contributions to climate change. Read the rest of this entry

Learning from Icarus – A reflection on how making society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing at all.

123Erik Assadourian

What if Icarus’ father—knowing his son would fly too close to the sun—had made the wings he designed more resilient? What if he had used bone and string and not just wax to bind them? Would this ancient myth have turned out any differently? Probably not. Icarus would have simply flown closer to the sun before the sun destroyed his wings—perhaps igniting them on fire rather than just melting the wax. And so the boy would have fallen even further and have been crushed even more brutally by the onrushing wall of ocean below.   Read the rest of this entry


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