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Graham Pyke Speaks about John Young’s Discovery of the Night Parrot Tonight on AQOB Radio!

SC Co-Founder Graham Pyke will be speaking about the recent discovery of the Night Parrot, which hasn’t been officially seen since 1912 and was declared extinct in 1962. Graham will be speaking on A Question of Balance (AQOB) on 2SER (107.3 FM) at 7:30pm tonight.

How could the night parrot, a species so widely abundant in 1861, be on the brink of extinction by 1900? Professor Graham Pyke fits some of the important pieces in this fascinating puzzle.

Click here to stream the interview online


You can also hear John Young share his journey finding the Night Parrot on AQOB radio (click here)


UntitledPaul R. Ehrlich

Most of the news coverage of the current Ebola virus epidemic has neglected to inform the public of the causes and true dimensions of the threat this extremely nasty haemorrhagic disease poses. Read the rest of this entry

Raise your voices, not the sea level!


Bluebird Brekkie Bar during the World Environment Day breakfast

Graham H. Pyke

This was the theme of the recent Green Week at UTS, which included World Environment day on 5 June. No doubt there were similar events around the globe.

Obviously, the basis goal, expressed by this theme, would be for some, or all of us, to influence, by raising ‘our voices’, the likelihood of achieving sustainability for humanity, while discouraging actions such as prolonged and excessive input of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with consequent global warming and rise in sea level. Impossible to argue with that! Read the rest of this entry

Dick Smith and Graeme Turner discuss unsustainable business and population growth

Dick Smith and Graeme Turner (of Flight Centre) recently spoke about how business must cure itself of the illusion that growth can go on forever, and how Australia needs to get its net migration rate down to about 75,000 a year—a fraction of what it is now. They spoke of how Australia’s population growth is off the first world scale, and will cause our population to nearly double by 2050.

Dick Smith spoke very well on this issue, and in fact named Q&A as one ABC program whose presenter and producer seem resistant to covering population.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.39.30 PM


UntitledBy Paul R. Ehrlich and John Harte

The summer 2014 issue of CALIFORNIA, the magazine of the University of California Alumni Association, was touted as the “Apocalypse Issue.” It contained articles, mostly excellent, on a series of potential California and global problems: asteroid collision, epidemics, extinction, climate disruption and earthquake. In stark contrast, though, was a summary article, “Apocalypse Later” by Brendan Buhler, interim Science Editor for the issue. Read the rest of this entry

Are the ‘Influential’ maximizing their influence?

UntitledBasil Saab

Graham’s post about TIME magazines 100 most influential people left me wondering. Do celebrities actually use their status and social standing to raise awareness about complex social issues such as the environment, health and sustainability? Read the rest of this entry


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