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Professor Graham Pyke presenting @ Bluebird Cafe

Green Week

Join SC Co-Founder Professor Graham Pyke,  as he will be  discussing the 2014 World Environment Day theme  “Raise your voice not the sea level” at Bluebird Brekkie Bar in the UTS main tower. The presentation will include discussion with students from the UTS Enviro-Collective.

When: Wednesday 4th June @ 9.30 – 10:30 am

Where: Bluebird Brekkie Bar – Building 1, Level 4

Graham’s presentation will be followed by the Fossil Free Carnival from 11.30 am as part of a range of activities for UTS Green Week.


Rapid Population Booms are a Bust for Government Efficacy

By Stephan Norgaard


Eric Gay/AP

In late March of this year, John Harte and Paul Ehrlich wrote a compelling blog article titled, “If You Think Governments Are Too Large:  Shrink Population.”[i]  The entry went on to predict that the relationship between population size and government complexity is “highly nonlinear.”

Harte and Ehrlich also noted that, to date, they have not been able to find “systematic work…that documents the relationship between population size and government complexity in recent times.”  Read the rest of this entry

The Angry Summer: The Politics of Climate Change in Australia

dsgfdsgdsgBy Andrew Beattie

In February 2011 the Labour Federal Government of Australia, led by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, established the Climate Commission to be an independent body that provided Australians with reliable and authoritative information about climate change. Following the general election in 2013, the new Coalition Federal Government, headed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, took only two days to abolish it!

The response was dramatic: Within a few days the sacked Chief Commissioner, Professor Tim Flannery, backed by a huge public response, both in terms of vocal support and funding, established a new, independent, non-profit organization called the Climate Council of Australia. Read the rest of this entry

SMH: Head of renewable energy agency says budget cuts will leave energy sector obsolete

Click HERE for an interesting article about the 2014 federal budget, which left heavy cuts in the renewable energy sector.


Science: How does it happen and where does it lead?

GrahamGraham H. Pyke

Science, as I explained in my earlier Post entitled Science explained, is the discovery and explanation of observed patterns, followed by communication of all of this to others. But defining it thus does not make it happen. And, though it happens somewhat automatically for those of us who are involved, this may be far from obvious for many, and it is apparent that there is much general misunderstanding about the processes by which science ‘happens’ . So, I shall here attempt to explain, providing examples from my own scientific research. Read the rest of this entry

Reducing food waste going to landfill

Graham H.Pyke

SC Co-Founder Graham Pyke discusses the issue of landfill and how we can deal with waste more sustainably. He also discusses a waste management scheme by Leichhardt Council, described in a ‘Brink’ article by Wendy Frew. sadasdsa Read the rest of this entry


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