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Polly Higgins: Ecocide, the missing 5th Crime Against Peace

Lawyer and Environmental advocate, Polly Higgins discusses the idea of making ‘Ecocide’ and degradation to the environment an International Crime Against Peace. She believes accountability and the threat of punishment will act as a deterrence to prevent people from damaging the earth.


Science: Does it need promotion and defence?

Professor Graham Pyke

Professor Graham Pyke

Graham H Pyke

Science and research scientists, especially when dealing with significant but contentious issues, have been under attack, especially recently. Some science, we have been told, is ‘junk science’.

Some research scientists are alleged to be involved in conspiracies, aimed at misrepresenting things in order maintain funding or access to other resources. Research scientists, it has been suggested, are so beholding to and controlled by their masters, that they are forced to ‘toe the company line’ and make presentations favourable to their masters’ interests. Read the rest of this entry

Global Disruption: Ukraine and Climate

sdsdsdsdsdsdsdBy Don Kennedy, Stanford University

In response to the current situation in the Ukraine, serious proposals have been made – first by Tom Friedman in a NYTimes op-ed, and most recently in Friday’s Times News story and in its lead editorial – favoring policies that would encourage the export of Natural Gas from the US to Europe.

The expressed hope is that such exports will threaten Russia’s Gazprom monopoly on natural gas shipments to Europe. Read the rest of this entry

As promised! More pictures from the Australian Ecosystem Science Plan

Click the image below for more pictures from the Australian Ecosystem Science Plan which was held on the 14th of  March, 2014. Photos courtesy of  Aaron Greenville and Alan Kwok.


At the Australian Ecosystem Science Plan 14th March, 2014

Brainstorming at the AESTLP ecosystem science plan today with leaders in Australian Ecosystem Science. It’s been a great day so far! Watch this space for more pics to come..


End Ecocide – A Transformational Inflection Point

Our Director of Leadership Development, Simon Divecha wrote about Polly Higgins and her presentation at the Planet Talks, WOMADelaide, where she PollyHigginsSMintroduced the need for a 5th international law – to eradicate Ecocide.

A law ending Ecocide – no more mass damage and destruction – is far more likely than it may appear at first sight. Polly describes her ‘light bulb moment’ – how is it that this is not a crime? She realised there were international precedents, that the Rome Statutes create a structure for such law and it was an extraordinary gap. Read the rest of this entry

Revisiting the Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Population Growth: A Paper by Camilo Mora

Camilo Mora identifies population growth as a leading factor in declining human welfare in his recent article published by the Journal of Ecology and Society. 

The paper: ‘Revisiting the Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Population Growth: a Fundamental but Fading Issue in Modern Scientific, Public, and Political Circles’ outlines recent studies showing how the issue of population growth has been downplayed among scientific fields, which may account for the reduced public interest in the issue and in turn the limited will for policy action.  Click here to view the entire paper.

If you think governments are too large: SHRINK POPULATION

Untitled1John Harte and Paul R. Ehrlich

Right wingers frequently complain about the growth of government, while remaining enthusiastic proponents of growth elsewhere, especially of population and consumption.  Here we urge that more attention be paid to the rarely discussed role of increasing population size as a driver of growth and complexity of government. Read the rest of this entry

Choice – An article by Jason Brent

sdfsdfsdJason G. Brent

Jason G. Brent is a member of the MAHB community with degrees in Engineering, Law and Business.

Since the earth is finite and the resources it can provide humanity are finite, economic growth will cease and no power on the earth or in the heavens will prevent that from occurring. Compound growth will cause that cessation to occur in the very near future. Read the rest of this entry


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