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Moral negligence brief – By William E. Rees

William E. Rees – Professor Emeritus Human Ecology and Ecological Economics at the University of British Columbia

post 30Do Canada’s stance on climate change and the nation’s current economic development plan constitute moral negligence? Read the rest of this entry


Paul R. Ehrlich & Anne H. Ehrlich

Courtesy of -

Courtesy of –

Paul and Anne Ehrlich discuss the concept of “Folly” and governments short comings in listening to informed advice on how to address issues of sustainability and population growth. Read the rest of this entry

Video: ‘Ethics in Sustainability’ public lecture, presented by Graham Pyke and Paul Ehrlich

This public lecture held at the University of Technology, Sydney on October 15th 2013 was presented by SC Co-Founders Graham Pyke and Paul Ehrlich. 

Graham and Paul discussed the importance of pursuing sustainability and proposed ways to go about this. The lecture evaluated past and current approaches while offering insight into how we can leave behind a sustainable legacy for future generations. Click here for photos from the event

‘On The Way to Getting it Right’

Joan M. Diamond

xcfgbxfgbfdxWhile on sabbatical, my husband, daughter and I stepped into another world, a highly desirable future, ironically located in Gujarat, India. “Ironically” because we seldom think of desirable global futures existing in India’s poverty, population, and extreme development challenges. However, the founder, deceased, and her successor management team at the Muni Seva Ashram have thought about what is important for human well being and built a community based on those values. Read the rest of this entry

An Article by Paul Ehrlich published in Yale Environment 360

An interesting article by SC Co-founder Paul Ehrlich, offering an interesting view on De-Extinction and working to bring extinct species back to life, was recently published in Yale Environment 360. Read the full article

What does ‘sustainability’ really mean?

Graham Pyke

The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Ever wondered what the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable’ really mean, especially in the context of whether or not humanity can or cannot be judged to be sustainable? Read the rest of this entry

Discovery of the Night Parrot, an extraordinarily rare Australian bird, has important consequences for conservation

Graham H. Pyke & Paul R. Ehrlich

A night parrot illustration by John Gould

A night parrot illustration by John Gould

The Night Parrot has surely been amongst the most enigmatic birds of the world and deservedly the ‘holy grail’ for many birders. It originally had an extremely widespread distribution across a large proportion of Australia, but, for about the last one hundred years, there were no confirmed observations of the species. From this we would have concluded that the species was probably extinct, except for the fact that recently-dead specimens have turned up occasionally, most notably in 1999 and 2006. Read the rest of this entry

Then and Now: Environment and Health Progress or Not

Kirk R. Smith from Delhi

Untitled2In 1981, Indian colleagues and I conducted the first measurements ever done of the air pollution exposures from cooking over open biomass cookstoves.  A couple of weeks ago, with my family, I went back to the four villages in Gujarat to see if we could find any of the women we worked with long ago.  Read the rest of this entry


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